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ShivaNova Education

Dynamic Contemporary Music and Dance -

Crossing Cultures : Crossing Artforms’


Shivanova are a British–based contemporary and classical Asian Music organisation specialising in education work and performance. Founded in 1988, ShivaNova is led by Priti Paintal, the only Indian-born woman composer of Indian origin in the UK today. She trained in Western and Indian music (having studied at the Royal Northern College of Music) and was the first Asian woman to be commissioned by the Royal Opera House, and her commissions have included works for The Philharmonia, Bournemouth Sinfonietta, City of London Sinfonia.

The company aims to bring together musicians, dancers and artists from a variety of cultural traditions – classical and pop, urban and folk, jazz and ambient – and to celebrate cultural diversity through music and dance.


Dance,Storytelling Workshops with cross-artform projects

We offer Classical Asian dance workshops like Kathak, Bharat Natyam, as well as Folk dance like Bhangra, contemporary Bollywood dance, and we can link this to a range of cross-art form projects including storytelling, and poetry.

Taster Workshops

We can offer ‘ready-made’ taster workshops/projects for your venue or more flexible programmes tailored to the specific skills and needs of your audience.

Workshops are Asian Djing, Asian and African Drumming, and Asian/western cross-cultural Music and Dance workshops which are specifically tailor-made to the ages of the participants and requirements:

  1. Bollywood Dance /Bhangra and Indian folk dances /Indian classical dance

Suitable for 30 students aged 5 – 18 and adults who learn different Bollywood ,folk and classical moves and the workshops are geared towards learning and performing a short piece.

2. Asian Drumming and/or Asian Instrumental workshops

Suitable for up to 30 students aged 7 – 18 years with little or no experience in music. A musician gives the basic grounding of Asian music and drumming and is a good starting point upon which to build other projects. The aim is to build up to a performance.

3. General ShivaNova Workshops on different world instruments with different world music styles including Africa, Latin( salsa, samba, etc), Gamelan, Chinese, and Indian. Format of workshops will depend on ages of participants and length of sessions but all workshops include a hands-on session, some listening and performing, and creative group work.

1 hr. 2 -3 musicians explain the instruments used in their performances and describe the music that ShivaNova does. This is ideal before a performance. It can be at a school or in the venue.

4. Children’s Open Creative Asian/western cross-cultural Music workshops

1.5- 2 hours. Suitable for up to 30 children aged 7 – 14 years with some musical experience, with 2 musicians. They should bring their instruments with them, and it can also be held before a performance.

5. Asian Music and Dance Masterclasses for FE Students

1 morning or afternoon. This is appropriate for A – level students who are interested in expanding their knowledge of other cultures with the expertise of a key musician or dancer.

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Image- performance with the Philharmonia Orchestra at the RFH, London

DJ Workshops

We are currently offering DJ workshops for young people, especially for young women through our continued ‘GoGo – Girls Only Global Orchestra 'project .

Working in close collaboration with professional djs, participants work in small groups with DJ decks. They learn about equipment, dropping beats, mixing and scratching and how to combine this with a live Asian percussion performance.

Participants have the chance to create their own Asian fusion dance tunes, which are downloaded onto CD and performed, live as part of a professional ShivaNova performance.

Overall, we are keen to widen young people’s listening and music skills. One of our long-term aims is to support students identified with exceptional talent towards further training and possible a career in music and/ or music technology..


ShivaNova is a dimension of new musical excitement, bringing together virtuoso improvising musicians from Europe, Asia and Africa. The creation of Priti Paintal, ShivaNova's music integrates elements of jazz, classical, Asian, ambient and club dance styles to create a sound-world that is immediately accessible yet completely unique. Instruments used by ShivaNova include sitar, sarod, Indian and Middle Easter harps, voice, tabla, Indian and Western violins, cello, piano/keyboards, saxophone, flutes, percussion, African kora and drums and Chinese instruments.