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Secret Chants

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Led by Priti Paintal, ShivaNova brings together virtuoso improvising musicians from Europe, Asia and Africa who integrate elements of jazz, classical and Asian styles to create the band’s trademark unique sound.

Secret Chants is their sixth album. Its five tracks (plus a radio edit of the title track) are each very different but with an almost cinematic overtone unifying them. The upbeat opener Eleventh Heaven Dance builds to a frantic vocal climax which is almost impossible to stand still to, whilst Nine in a Line is more gentle with a beautiful lilting melody brought to life by Alex Teymour Housego’s flute and Ros Stephen’s violin.

R.N. Prakash’s intricate drumming is a wonder throughout the album (especially on
Dance for Prakash), but it is the title track and Indian Keertan that stand out – haunting, ethereal, brooding, these are truly evocative cinema soundscapes.

The band features:

  • Priti Paintal – piano

  • Yogeswaram – vocals

  • Jean Toussaint – saxophone

  • Ros Stephen - violin

  • R.N. Prakash – percussion

  • Alex Teymour Housego – flute

  • Tony Marrison – acoustic bass.



"The title track begins gloriously with sampled Tibetan monks and Indian flute and ends with ecstatic vocals"  Simon Broughton - Evening Standard

"Whilst this is music that would certainly make a fantastic film soundtrack, it is also a deeply rewarding listen"  Songlines (4 star review)

Press and PR is being done by Sian Williams from Riot Squad, email:

Performance of title track - Secret Chants on Sat Jan 31st at the Royal Festival Hall with the Philharmonia Orchestra as part of their MOT series (6pm)

Label: ShivaNova

Distribution: NOVA /Universal

Release Date: 9th February 2009

Catalogue Number: SNPP 2008


ShivaNova is a dimension of new musical excitement, bringing together virtuoso improvising musicians from Europe, Asia and Africa. The creation of Priti Paintal, ShivaNova's music integrates elements of jazz, classical, Asian, ambient and club dance styles to create a sound-world that is immediately accessible yet completely unique. Instruments used by ShivaNova include sitar, sarod, Indian and Middle Easter harps, voice, tabla, Indian and Western violins, cello, piano/keyboards, saxophone, flutes, percussion, African kora and drums and Chinese instruments.