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Girls Only Global Orchestra (GOGO)

GoGo has been supported by the Arts Council of England, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Youth Music, Kent Music Schools, Heritage Lottery Fund, Awards for All, Greenwich Music Services, Birmingham Music Services, and the schools in each of the regions.

ShivaNova is a company of classical and contemporary Indian and European musician, directed by composer and pianist Priti Paintal. This cross-cultural ensemble performs nationally and internationally, and delivers education programming in partnership with schools and arts organisations. ShivaNova has been giving workshops with girls and young women round the country since 2001. In Birmingham and Leicester the focus has been on working specially with young Asian girls on Asian percussion and DJing as part of ShivaNova’s national Spinovation and U Spin 2 programmes.


Girls Only Global Orchestra (GOGO)

GOGO aims to put a new generation of girls on the musical map – offering opportunities to develop skills in Asian, African and contemporary music in their schools, and even become part of a national ensemble to perform and create music around the country.

  • ShivaNova presents GoGo, a national project that aims to put a new generation of girls on the musical map – offering opportunities to develop skills in Asian, western, and contemporary music, and to become part of a national global ensemble to perform and create new music around the country.

  • ShivaNova is forming 4 regional girls-only orchestras in Birmingham, Nottingham, Kent, and London. Building on the successful pilots that were launched in Birmingham and London an intensive programme will be delivered in schools, and in after-schools session of tuition for girls in Djing and music technology skills, in Asian music (including tabla, dhol, voice, strings) and contemporary and jazz styles (including woodwind, strings, guitars, keyboards) to local, regional and national performance opportunities.

  • Girls from participating schools will form a regional GoGo – an all girls orchestra consisting of girls from these workshops, with original music they have developed and learned over the year.

  • The most talented girls will form a national orchestra alongside girls from other regions across the U.K.

  • ShivaNova will provide artistic direction and tuition, and will build a consortium of arts providers and schools who will work together to develop the regional GoGos. Local musicians will be involved so as to provide continuous and long-term tuition.

After-school workshops

Do you want to have the chance to perform and write your own music? If you are girl aged from 11 years upwards living in and around Gravesend then this is your chance!

ShivaNova is currently seeking interest from girls aged 11years upwards to participate in a series of after-school workshops to take place in Gravesend in May for over 20 weeks. The workshops will cover Djing, Asian Percussion, voice, and creative instrumental music-making and offer the chance to create pieces and work with cross-cultural and contemporary styles using a huge variety of instruments ranging from sitars, tablas, percussion, to saxophones, flutes, strings, keyboards, and music programming and Djing. There will be numerous chances to perform in different events and festivals both locally as well as in Kent and elsewhere in the UK.

GoGo has already started workshops during school-time in 3 schools in Kent: Northfleet School for Girls, Axton Chase School, and St George's School. This project has been made possible by funding from Arts Council South East, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Awards for All and support from Kent Music Schools (KMS)

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ShivaNova is a dimension of new musical excitement, bringing together virtuoso improvising musicians from Europe, Asia and Africa. The creation of Priti Paintal, ShivaNova's music integrates elements of jazz, classical, Asian, ambient and club dance styles to create a sound-world that is immediately accessible yet completely unique. Instruments used by ShivaNova include sitar, sarod, Indian and Middle Easter harps, voice, tabla, Indian and Western violins, cello, piano/keyboards, saxophone, flutes, percussion, African kora and drums and Chinese instruments.