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Crossing Borders. Building Bridges. Breaking Barriers. Opening Doors through music, dance, performance and education.

ShivaNova has a solid track record in providing education programmes for schools, colleges, music and dance students.. We believe that participatory activity is central to what we do, and that all workshops should be led by the dancers and musicians themselves, so that, whatever the level of skill of the group, participants can feel part of the performing company, and gain a unique insight into how work is developed and performed.

There is a fundamental link between the creation of performance work and the leading of participatory projects. We run workshops and participatory sessions for a wide range of audiences from schoolchildren through to more challenging workshops geared towards those with a more skilled background. The teaching is, above all, accessible and inspiring, building to a sense of achievement and with an intrinsic element of fun and enjoyment. We also include young girls from culturally diverse backgrounds in our GOGO - Girls Only Global Orchestra project, and we will also be working with young women in our WOW - Women of the World orchestra project.

Subsidised workshops offered:
Our workshop fees are much lower than other companies in the region. We are a national Performing Arts company based in Kent and we run high-quality Music and Dance workshops, and as we have Arts Council Funding as well as KCC funding we can offer the following at subsidised rates for Black History Month and "International and World Week" as well as for Diwali and Tihar celebrations and Multicultural parents' evenings.
Bollywood dance workshops for young people as well as adults

Asian Drumming/Dhol workshops/tabla workshops

African dance and drumming workshops
Salsa/ Latin/Samba dance workshops

Gypsy Roma Music and dance workhops
Our tutors are highly experienced and include professionals that have reached the finals on
the "Dance like Michael" TV show.
Below are some referrals from those who have used us recently.....

What people have said about our workshops and some images

I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic day we had here at Pent Valley Technology College on Thursday 8th October. Kali made the day really fun and the students absolutely loved it. He had a mammoth task of instructing 4 groups of 60 students and he was very friendly and encouraging to the students. I would recommend him to all who would like a workshop in their schools.”

(Sarah Baldwin, Performing Arts teacher, Pent Valley Technology College, Folkestone)

Just to let you know Ash was an absolute star. He was a lovely person who got on well with everyone and had a fantastic rapport with the children. His performance at our exhibition was the highlight of the evening and the parents ( and indeed everyone) thought his dancing was brilliant. He definetely worked the crowd well and got everyone joining in- even some of the dads joined in the dancing. “

(Paula D'Cruz, deputy head, Lyminge Primary School, Shepway)

I thought I must write and tell you straightaway what a wonderful time we had at school this afternoon with Mr Prakash and Mr Shaha !! They both gave a superb demonstration of their skills before we divided the group into two – 40 drummers and 85 dancers! Mr Shaha soon had the girls following his choreography and it was fantastic to see so many girls new to the school joining in and have a great deal of fun as they learnt a routine or a drumming language from India. Please thank your two excellent teachers again from us and should we ever be in a position to hire them again ,we certainly will. “

(Joan Westonquilts, Arts Dept, Dover School for Girls)

Just to say how much everyone enjoyed the Bollywood dancing with Ash. All the children and adults had a great day and we we're all very impressed. “

(Florence Goldsmith, All Soul Primary School, Shepway)

Some of the range of musical styles on offer are:-

Asian Music, Indian Folk Drumming and dance, African drummming,songs and dances, Roma dance and music, Nepalese dance and music, Latin dance and music, Indian classical Percussion, improvisation and creative instrumental music-making, Jazz, Djing and music technology, urban dance styles mixed with cross-cultural styles, Urban Dance Beats.

Instruments we use in our education work include:-

Indian percussion: tables, Dhol (Indian Folk Drums), dholak, south Indian percussion (mrdangam, ghatam, kanjira, morsing), Bongos, Congas, Djembe (African Folk Drums), Flute (jazz and Indian), Keyboard, Santoor, Sarangi, Jazz and Indian Saxophone, Sitar, Indian and western Violin, and Indian and western Voice.

Our schools workshops offer distinct benefits for both pupils and teachers.

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Music Workshops

Dance Workshops

DJ Workshops

We can offer pre-taster sessions and long-term projects, as well as more flexible programmes of workshops that can be tailor-made to the specific skills and needs of each group. ShivaNova has a solid track record in providing educations programmes for all types of young people including schools, youth clubs, community centres and colleges.

Last update - Jan 20th 2015


ShivaNova is a dimension of new musical excitement, bringing together virtuoso improvising musicians from Europe, Asia and Africa. The creation of Priti Paintal, ShivaNova's music integrates elements of jazz, classical, Asian, ambient and club dance styles to create a sound-world that is immediately accessible yet completely unique. Instruments used by ShivaNova include sitar, sarod, Indian and Middle Easter harps, voice, tabla, Indian and Western violins, cello, piano/keyboards, saxophone, flutes, percussion, African kora and drums and Chinese instruments.